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Established in 1989, Rajvel Construction Limited is a service-oriented company that carry out projects such as new builds, hotel renovations, total refurbishments and basements. We strive to provide a competitive price and not compromise on our quality. We identify the most effective and efficient approach in delivering an excellent service whether we are working alongside architects or private clients. 


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We believe that success begins with the right approach with an essential combination of planning, scheduling, choosing  the right team and dealing with arising issues with confidence and speed. The correct management of the project is our key goal in keeping our clients well informed and assured. One element that makes a major contribution to our track record of successful projects is our communication skills that lead to greater efficiency. 


Being able to design a high-quality building exceeds more than just creating a visually striking building. We strive to create such designs that provide long term positive impacts, making sure that every client remembers us when they need construction solutions. To ensure that every project is successful to the highest of standards we place client and user requirements at the heart of the process. 

Finding the right team to work on your project can be a difficult experience. The sucess of a project lies with being able to co-operate and communicate with other sectors of the industry. 


At Rajvel, we have an endless list of professionals who have worked with us on previous projects,

this enables us to offer you the finest services to complete your project without hassle.


A construction project can only be successful when the correct pieces are connected together. 

If you like puzzles then have a go at bringing the pieces of jigsaw together..... 


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